What Bitcoin tumbler to choose for secure transactions?

Fraudsters analyze the blockchain to find wallet addresses with many BTC, hack them, and steal assets. Dozens of mixing platforms have been created to enhance the anonymization of Bitcoin transactions. Let’s check them.

The top of the most reliable tumblers

The modern market offers the following secure Bitcoin mixers:

  • YoMix

The platform is equipped with the function of pre-set or random time delays for each of the entered addresses, which, in turn, further minimizes the likelihood that the transaction will be tracked. The Bitcoin tumbler adheres to the “no log” policy: after the set storage period (7 days), all log data is deleted, but at the client’s request, data disposal can also be done manually, with a single click. For those who do not want to register, only a quick mixing point is available, using which the user receives an operation code that allows him to avoid receiving his own previously sent bitcoins in the future. The commission is 1-3% and can be chosen by the buyer independently.

  • SmartMixer

Three mixing options are available for SmartMixer blender clients: with coins received from other participants, funds from the site’s reserve fund, or investors’ cryptocurrency. In addition to the fact that the commission itself for clearing coins is small, it is also charged from the mining fee, which provides users of the resource with additional convenience. The undoubted advantage of the SmartMixer toggle switch is the very profitable referral program it offers. During the first mixing, a unique code is sent to the user, the further use of which contributes to a noticeable discount on commissions (up to 70%).

  • Mixer Money

This popular toggle switch works according to the following principle: the user transfers a certain amount to his account, which he splits into smaller ones, mixes with the cryptocurrency of other participants (or buys on a foreign exchange), and then returns to the owner already “clean.” The use of such technology helps to increase the privacy of coins. The procedure takes about six hours.